Equipment LIST

Record, Mix and Master on Pro Tools HDX and UAD-2  (installed at Rooster Studios)


Avid HDX (Pro Tools 12)

2 x Avid HD 8x8x8

Mac Pro

4 x UAD Quad Core Cards

48Ch Otari Status Analogue console with Dynamics

Focal SM9 Monitoring


High-end outboard including

GML 2020 and Universal Audio 6176 channel strips

Neve 33076, Urei 1176, and Chiswick Reach Vintage compressor/limiters

GML 8200 and Focusrite RED 5 EQ's

Stunning collection of mics including

Brauner VMA

Manley Gold Reference

Neumann U87 (Vintage)

SE Gemini III

Audio Technica AT5040

Audio Technica AT4081 Ribbons

SE RN1's the usual studio favourites (SM7, D12, C414, RE20, AT25, M201's, SM57's and loads more!)



Lovely sounding Schwecten Upright Piano

Pearl Masters Studio Kit (Birch)

Natal HH Copper Snare

Zildjian 14” Quick Beat Hi Hats (vintage)

Zildjian A Custom 17” Crash

Sabian AAX 21” Studio Ride

Fender Stratocaster (Jpn 90's)

Orange O Bass

Mesa Boogie F30 Combo


Pro Tools 12 HD

Logic Pro X

Softube Volume 1

Steven Slate Trigger 2 + Blackbird expansion pack

Waves (various plugins and bundles)

Antares auto-tune evo


UAD plugs inc, SSL, Neve, Shadow Hills, EMT, Lexicon, SPL