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Since June 2022 I have been working for audio services provider PitStop Productions on some amazing AAA games titles recording dialogue for Motion Caption, HMC, wild voice overs, and ADR sessions. Recent credits include Miasma Chronicles, Harmony: The Fall of Reverie, Jagged Alliance 3, and the eagerly anticipated Baldur's Gate 3.










GEAR News:

My home set-up includes a Mac Mini i7 (64GB RAM), Audient iD44 audio interface, IKmultimedia iLoud Micro Monitors, Avid Pro Tools Studio, Logic ProX, Adobe Premiere Elements and everything you need for pro sounding post-production, sound design, mixing and mastering including Izotope RX8, dearVR Pro, and plugin bundles from Avid, Waves, Softube, and BX.



Baldur's Gate 3 Audio Production Credit List - Lloyd Jukes
PitStop Productions Motion Capture suite 1
Sound Design for Make Belive Audio
Miasma Chronicles and Harmony Credits - Lloyd Jukes
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