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The Independent feature film 'Fotoautomat Man' is now available on Amazon Prime, sound design and dubbing mix by me, exclusively on my home set-up (check out gear news below!)


Other post-production duties have included the sound design and mix for Brother Brother films 'Taste of Independence', and the 'More Than Four Walls' Audio-Visual installation exhibited at The Barbican Centre. I have also recorded, edited and mixed the VO and SFX for the foreign language versions of the Meet Vincent Van Gogh Museum at London's South Bank

GEAR News:

My home set-up includes a Mac Mini i7 (64GB RAM), Audient iD44 audio interface, IKmultimedia iLoud Micro Monitors, Pro Tools Studio, Logic ProX, Adobe Premiere Elements and everything you need for pro sounding post-production, sound design, mixing and mastering including plugins from Izotope, Waves and Plugin Alliance.



fotoautomatman sound mix.jpg
MTFW 2.jpg
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